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Why did Kejriwal Govt allow prosecution of Kanhaiya and Umar?

By IndianMandarins- 29 Feb 2020


The Delhi government led by Arvind Kejriwal has finally given its nod to prosecute former JNU president Kanhaiya Kumar and another former student leader Umar Khalid in the court for sedition charges that it has been skirting for very long. Why this sudden change of mind in the AAP government that has been short of defending them? Apparently because if the BJP is being criticised for its inaction during riots outbreak in Delhi, AAP is in the line of fire for direct involvement of its leaders in these riots.

AAP that had put up a brave face against terror charges to its leaders have found itself in a fix not only for the involvement of its suspended councillor Tariq Hussain but a couple of MLAs allegedly being under scanner. So political analysts feel that before AAP is branded as a party supporting every such elements that work with a particular mindset, it has given its approval.

This is a similar move when he recited Hanuman Chalisa during run-up to the Assembly elections to counter the Hard Core Hindutva campaign of the BJP. There is no election in the near future for AAP contesting but it appears that party wants to remain politically correct for future references.

However, some of its party leaders like Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh is still defending Tariq Hussain for being innocent. In a situation where everyone is trying to rub balm on riot scars, the Congress still embarrassing itself in its effort to target Modi and Shah with court seeking an answer from the police about inflammatory statements made by its top leaders.

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