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What’s excellent about the institution promoting excellence

By IndianMandarins- 24 Jun 2020


In recent years SCOPE has been witnessing an era when persons are managing to work on whims and music above 60 and not on professional consideration.  It's not only about DG, SCOPE managing to continue till 70, but more of its officers are also continuing till 64 or 65, many retired approaching 63 and even professional hires are being relieved even on attaining the age of 60. 

Not surprisingly the Department of Public Enterprise (DPE) had recently disassociated itself from SCOPE for arbitrariness for non-compliance of audit, administrative framework and mandate. 

An apex body and representative of PSEs should also display some structure and norms which makes this an institution of excellence for which it was envisaged in 70s by the Bureau of Public Enterprises that gave this body formal recognition.

As could be seen in the last couple of years, the inward movement has been only at the level of DG, SCOPE besides bringing in a professional from the background of PSE, Govt. of India, and Private Sectors as Head of HR & Corporate Communication. It is to be seen if such professionals brought with diverse experiences and leadership roles have their due place in SCOPE.

There are few examples that endorse the perception that SCOPE has minimum scope for professionals as they struggle for the foothold in SCOPE by virtue of the influence of old guards. DG’s gradually going along with old-timers that led to the continuance of some even up to 65 who helped DGs to stay comfortably till 70, some in 64, some retired in 62 or 63.

Such adhocism and arbitrariness dilute the structure of any professional body that claims to promote excellence. Several insiders believe that professionals should be given due place, space, commensurate salary or perks and an environment to work on a long term basis.

If many others work on the roll of SCOPE till 64 or 65, should not professionals having joined SCOPE be given the opportunity to work beyond 60 with same dignity and service benefits as extended to those currently working on the roll in SCOPE and are above 60.

Professionalization of SCOPE structure with broad basing not necessarily to the level of PSE Board would be a better option to make this more effective as currently the Board  Members are intensely engaged on a day to day basis in their respective PSEs and hence not sufficient time for affairs of SCOPE.

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