US political scientist calls Pakistani NSA "Chhipkili da jhan*"

By Mukul Shukla- 17 Sep 2020

us-political-scientist-calls-pakistani-nsa-chhipkili-da-jhan-Who is Moeed Yusuf who works in the Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan's office as an assistant and deals with the National Security Division and Strategic Policy Planning? He is a US citizen who, as a Pakistani, manipulated the US system so very well that once he was made also the associate vice president of the Asia Center at the United States Institute of Peace, where he was paid US tax money and allegedly spied for the Pakistani Army.
He is "Chhipkili da jhant" is how Dr. Carol Christine Fair, a South Asia expert and distinguished Professor at Georgetown University, described him after his debut online SCO meeting where he, in his typical yuppie wisdom displayed a map of Pakistan in the background showing some parts of North India as disputed territory while trying to access India's NSA Ajit Doval and engage him in talks. Dr. Fair who writes like an angel and curses like a North Indian is also proficient in Hindi, Urdu, and Punjabi languages, besides being an authority on the Pakistani Army.
Dr. Fair is a persona non grata in Pakistan.
In a tweet, she supported NSA Ajit Doval's walkout from the SCO meeting with creepy Yusuf.  
Enjoy her tweets at the following links:

(By Mukul Shukla)

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