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The PK myth busted with Gujarat and HP results!

By IndianMandarins- 09 Dec 2022


New Delhi (09.12.2022): The myth about Prashant Kishor (PK), who began his much-hyped journey as India’s biggest, miraculous and game-changer election strategist since the time of his association with Modi-Shah in Gujarat, seems to have busted. Apparently, it appears to be more of a hyperbolic media creation than anything, else what explanation does the BJP’s historic win in Gujarat have sans PK. The BJP’s victory in Gujarat is more of a clever amalgamation of election strategy, tricks of electoral mathematics, batteries of BJP-RSS field marshals and the Modi Magic.

In a tweet, Om Thanwi too raised doubt over PK’s synthetic charisma that is fading out with each passing year or it has never been so. PK had forecasted that there was no chance for the Congress in Himachal and had discounted RG as a lost chapter for the Congress forever. Gradually, political parties, based on results in each successive election all across, have started realizing that they don’t need so-called strategists for their fight, rather they should live on their own fighting and survival instinct.

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