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Shah Faesal: IAS' prodigal son wants to return

By IndianMandarins- 01 Feb 2021


There are visible signs of Shah Faesal getting mellowed. This is reflected in his latest tweet praising PM Narendra Modi.
In a tweet on Sunday commenting on the PM's Mann Ki Baat, he wrote "it is like 1.3 Billion people coming together as a family on a Sunday morning and each one being heard and spoken to, each one feeling counted.
My take away from this program: Communication can build solidarities and make a nation 'sound' like a family".
Can he be, will he be, plowed back into service? To serve as a communicator to "build solidarities and make a nation sound like a family!
Shah has requested for, and is desirous of, being reverted to his profession of civil servant as an IAS officer, from which he resigned on January 9, 2019, citing the killings in the valley among other things.
After tendering his resignation as an IAS officer - a resignation that wasn't accepted and remain in abeyance till now, he flirted with the brand of politics played in the valley, soon realized his incompatibility at the height of forming a political outfit called the Jammu and Kashmir People’s Movement (JKPM) in March 2019, and quickly divorced it on 10 August 2020. 

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