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SCOPE Executive Board hailed for fixing tricky issue of retirement age

By IndianMandarins- 17 May 2019


The newly constituted Executive Board of Standing Conference on Public Enterprise (SCOPE), through election has won kudos for settling the retirement age of its staff. It may be mentioned that the newly constituted Board chaired by NLC India CMD Rakesh Kumar held its first meeting on April 01, 2019.


The top echelons of powers have greatly appreciated the board’s resolution that fixes the retirement age for all employees at 60. The issue has been plaguing the work-culture and ethos of the SCOPE that among other things like its cost affected Corporate Governance. The very issue had constrained the Department of Public Enterprise to formally disassociate itself (Click to read exclusive story) with the SCOPE recently.


The Executive Body in its 181st meeting held on 04 May 2019 discussed and approved the resolution passed earlier, or through the middle of last month, to fix 60 years as superannuation age of SCOPE employees. (Click to read related story)


It may be mentioned that over a dozen senior employees have been working, courtesy often multiple extensions despite attaining the age of sixty years and well beyond. Some of them have been approaching the 70-year mark. Using its administrative acumen and power the Board has allowed a safe passage to the serving employees (who have already crossed 60 years or even 65) by drawing 31.12.2019 as their concluding or last day at SCOPE.


Though some senior Government officials raised eyebrows at giving a window of six months to the employees who should have retired long back the Board’s step has settled the ticklish issue amicably. And, thus, there is a sense of relief among all the stakeholders of SCOPE.   

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