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RSS to unleash a campaign against people tarnishing image of country soon!

By IndianMandarins- 29 Jul 2019


New Delhi: Sangh Pariwar is planning to counter such people who are cultivating India’s image as lynchistan with a selective propaganda. A detailed planning in this regard is being worked out by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) which has chalked out a public awakening programme across the country from August-September.

VHP spokesperson Vinod Bansal told Indian Mandarins that the propaganda unleashed earlier by Award Wapsi gang and now 49 people writing to Prime Minister Narendra Modi that India is turning in to a country of mob lynchers. Many other such people will be countered for their false narrative targeted at tarnishing image of the country.

Under this public awakening programme, small meetings will be organized with the local VHP workers, intellectuals and cross sections of society in every nook and crany of the country to expose their falsehood and selective propaganda.

Sangh outfits are of the view that mob lynching laws must be framed and they feel Hindus are the biggest victims of mob lynching. This is not a recent phenomenon rather the Hindu community has been the victim of mob lynching since ages. They alleged that the biggest perpetrator of this crime is jihadi mindset, which is supported by these so-called intellectuals.

Bansal said that the world knows very well that who are behind these incidents. Actually there is a big conspiracy to defend cow smugglers, cow slaughterer, criminals and many such people who are perpetrating crime against majority community behind this move as they erupt suddenly.

These people have certain agenda; first to protect criminals involved in cow slaughter and smuggling; second to defame Hinduism; third to destabilize the Modi government at the Centre. It is being said that these gangs are so much rattled as the new dispensation in Delhi has choked their foreign funding. So they are unable to carry out many other such activities to paint India in wrong colour and failing to get that much support base as they used to get.

The most interesting thing is that 25 out of 49 writing to Prime Minister about the lynching incidents belong to West Bengal but none of them could muster enough courage to speak against killing of the BJP and VHP workers in the state. So it is obvious that they are working on some agenda and everyone knows their master who is hatching the political conspiracy. They have conveniently ignored killings in West Bengal. The VHP will expose all this across the country, says Bansal. People will be told who and how anti-India activities are being carried out to fulfill political motives of a few political parties.

(By Vinod Kumar Shukla)

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