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Reading between the lines: Does fresh JS level appointments promote batch-based fraternity?

By IndianMandarins- 23 Jul 2019


The social media went in a hyperdrive hard on the heels of the notification announcing the appointment to 33 Joint Secretary-level posts in various ministries and department.  A twitter post, which did the rounds, read “Govt on Monday appointed 33 Joint Secretaries of which only 07 are from IAS, rest drawn from other services. Once IAS dominated governance set up is being changed systematically. Hope @IASassociation will ask for parity”.

All India Service especially IAS (once known as the iron curtain) has been bewailing and lamenting for its loss of turf for some time. Last evening, its pain might have become acute.

The appointment list, prima-facie, reveals something, though the meaning of the transfers may attract attention for some more time.

Of 33 JS level posts, although only 07 posts went to IAS, the Indian Railway Services emerged as the top scorer bagging 07 JS level posts besides IRS (IT) bagging 04 JS level posts and IA&AS and IP&TAFS 03 JS level posts each. Central Secretariat Service and IFoS too bagged 02 JS level posts each. ICAS, Indian Statistical Service, IDAS, Indian Postal service bagged 01 JS level post each.

What is further interesting is the distribution of JS level posts among the batches. 1992 batch bagged 06 JS level posts, 1990 and 1995 batches got 05 posts each whereas 1993 batch got 04 JS level posts. 03 JS level posts went to 1989 & 1997 batches whereas the 1994 batch bagged 02 JS level posts. CSS cadre appeared to have got a fair share of the pie with 02 JS level posts whereas 1991, 1996 & 1998 batch managed to grab 01 JS level post each.  

The NaMo administration has been known for its appetite for disruptive changes. The present distribution ( of JS level posts among various services) pattern might be due to the shortage of IAS officers at Centre but somehow NaMo administration appears to take it as an opportunity to experiment with personnel management.

One more interesting takeaway appears to be that earlier IAS fraternity enjoyed the majority of senior positions. However, if the fraternity based on batches becomes the order, the NaMo administration calculates that a new kind of synergy and fraternity across the services based on batches rather than services may impart more dynamism to the government.

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