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Rajasthan: Bureaucrats say, sidelined Pilot focuses more on future

By IndianMandarins- 11 Dec 2019


Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot appears to have sidelined his Deputy CM Sachin Pilot. This is in sync with Pilot's clean image that instead of taking confrontationist approach, he focuses on nurturing his political future. He refrained himself from opening any front against Gehlot as part of the strategy, this is what bureaucracy of Rajasthan talks about Pilot.

When Congress took over mantle in the state Pilot lost the battle of CMship to Gehlot but appointed as Deputy CM. Old guards had initially thought that gradually Rajasthan will be Pilot-centric and the grand old man Gehlot would gradually disappear from the scene.

Initially Pilot had a fair say in the administrative matters of the state but contrary to the perception, Gehlot has cut him to size and today he is just like a favoured minister. Taking cue from the power equation, MLAs too distanced themselves from Pilot.

Insiders say that Gehlot is a seasoned politician to settle such issues but Pilot does not appear to be a looser like Navjot Sidhu in Punjab. Pilot knows well that present moments are for Gehlot but future lies with him.

Insiders in state bureaucracy say that Pilot has started considering himself under probation period and has been nurturing his skills and acceptability to take up the top job in Rajasthan in the future.

(By Rakesh Ranjan)

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