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PC’s unconditional support to PM on tackling Covid-19 underlined

By IndianMandarins- 23 Mar 2020


It has surprised all and sundry when former Union home minister and finance minister P Chidambaram unconditionally supported PM Narendra Modi for his announcement of Janata Curfew. He has gone to the extent of advising the PM to take some more drastic steps to deal with it without any moral armament.

There has only been a hate and hate relationship between the BJP and Chidambaram and several eyebrows were raised in private when he supported the PM’s decision. He even tweeted on the very day when curfew was being observed. Chidambaram tweeted on March 22: “As desired by the PM, I am observing Janata Curfew strictly.”

But he started tweeting after the PM addressed to the nation to take precaution to deal with the menace. “I have offered our support to the PM’s announcements yesterday, but I am absolutely certain that the PM will have no option but to come back with tougher social and economic measures,” he tweeted on March 20.

He has come out with some suggestions as well by his tweets with his unconditional support: “Yesterday, I got the impression that PM was testing the waters. He should act boldly. The war against coronavirus cannot be fought with moral armaments.”

Interestingly, Chidambaram who has been quite often being accused of Hindi hater and that caused him become an all India leader is not only tweeting in English and Tamil but also in Hindi as well.

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