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OSD to CM occupies CS chamber?

By IndianMandarins- 28 Feb 2020


It was the second session after Jharkhand Vidhan Sabha was formed in January 2020 and the new government led by Hemant Soren took over. 

If some well-placed sources are to be believed as usual officers flocked to the Chief Secretary’s Chamber in Vidhan Sabha; a room adjacent to CM’s Chamber. But officers were surprised to see the name plate of Gopal ji Tiwari (a non-IAS); OSD to the Chief Minister. Reportedly, the chamber became OSD Balaji Tiwari’s overnight and Chief Secretary was given a room 250-300 metres away from the CM’s office.

Obviously, this is not possible without the consent of the CM but the question arises over the need for such a swift move. It may be underlined that in Vidhan Sabha premise, there is CM’s chamber then PS to CM’s chamber and then CS Chamber. With the abrupt arrangement in place, people in power corridors take it as an indication that emergence of a ‘new order’ of power has reached its logical conclusion in the state.

The previous Raghubar Das government was also blamed for an over-centralised model of administration quite often but apparently that model did not eclipse the convention. But the latest development indicates towards emergence of a new model of its kind which may be clearer with the passage of time.

Indianmandarins had been, for the past few days, trying to consolidate the buzz whether the present regime is inching towards over centralisation of power. The latest development is one such indicator which endorses the buzz.

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