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Not so easy: Scindhia’s induction into cabinet to take time?

By IndianMandarins- 12 Mar 2020


Jyotiraditya Scindia has got a Rajya Sabha nomination the very same day he joins the BJP but he will have to wait for some more time if not years than months before he is inducted in the Union cabinet. He is most likely to be given Shipping ministry contrary to the speculation in the media.

Power corridor was abuzz with speculation that so and so the ministry has been decided for him but there is a need to understand that the new BJP leadership has a different style of working and they don’t concede to the condition prefixed. Of course, something must have been fixed before his joining the BJP but those conditions must be more suitable to the BJP leadership.

The BJP-RSS organisation is very strong in Madhya Pradesh, so where does Jyotiraditya will be suitable was a big challenge for the top leadership as one of its strong leader and cabinet minister Narendra Singh Tomar comes from the same region and too many cabinet berths from MP will disturb the balance.

So the Maharaja has to wait till the reshuffle happens and that is unlikely at least till the budget session is on but lots of firework awaits him in the Rajya Sabha.

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