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NHPC headless for 06 yrs, K M Singh's appointment a puzzle for Cabinet Secretariat?

By IndianMandarins- 16 Sep 2015


Appointment of K M Singh (ED, NHPC) as CMD of National Hydro Power Development Corporation has become a puzzle for Cabinet Secretariat which is investigating the authenticity of a complaint filed against the selected candidate. K M Singh (ED, NHPC) was duly selected by the PESB on February 16 this year for the post of CMD, NHPC which has been running vacant for over six years due to legal-wrangle. 'Indianmandarins' reliably learnt that his appointment was cleared by the PMO. In the mean-while a complaint was filed in the name of an MP who further denied that any such complaint was drafted on his part. Sources say that the matter was further marked to Cabinet Secretariat to investigate the authenticity of the complaint and the complainant. In the month June this year newly appointed CVC has made its intent clear to discourage complaints designed to hamper ones' prospect. One can wait and watch as what would be the fate of NHPC and the recommendation of PESB for the long vacant post.

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