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Khemka's latest tweet might have ruffled a lot of feathers

By IndianMandarins- 23 Jul 2019


Ashok Khemka, IAS, has earned the respect of his colleagues and gratitude of his fellow citizens for being what he is: absolutely steadfast in stain-free public service. So when he says something it's always taken seriously. Though there is no dearth of bureaucrats who criticise him; sometimes convincingly. 

His latest tweet says: "Who tolerates corruption?  A weak and corrupt mind. Such a person may increase his own well being but does not contribute in nation-building. The duty of a true leader is to be intolerant of corruption and to identify and eliminate all those who advise otherwise."

This tweet has triggered a set of whispers in the power corridors. One interpretation is that his Maharshi Vidura-like sage advice is meant for the political leadership who projects itself is fighting corruption but is, in reality, being swayed by the wheeler-dealers of the system. Another is that Ashok may be just advising his friends and followers how to measure the current regime. Both ways, the tweet might have ruffled a lot of feathers.

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