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Kerala IAS unfurls National flag on Mount Nun

By IndianMandarins- 09 Sep 2022


Idukki (09.09.2022):  Arjun Pandian (IAS: 2017: KL) has unfurled the Tricolour atop Mount Nun, located on the border of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh to mark India’s 75th Independence Day.
Pandian posted as land revenue joint commissioner achieved the feat on August 30. The flag was unfurled at a 6,129-metre height after a grueling 14 days’ climb. It was during his civil services training period in Mussoorie in Dehradun that Arjun developed an interest in mountaineering. Arjun had finished his basic and advanced courses in mountaineering which primarily were about building confidence. As part of the courses, Arjun climbed the 5,760-metre Draupadi Ka Danda-2 in Uttarakhand in May. His dream is to unfurl the Tricolour on Mount Everest. 

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