K’Nath invites sharp criticism for defying Congress’ media policy

By IndianMandarins- 04 Nov 2023


New Delhi (04.11.2023): Leadership is all about assertiveness this is what is reflected when Kamal Nath and Navika Kumar appeared in the same frame sitting on chopper for election campaign in Madhya Pradesh. But this was something unusual and akin to coking a snook at central leadership. Actually, Kumar is part of the list of journalists which the Congress decided to buycott and social media has been abuzz about it. But this exposes the inherent weakness and contradiction within the Congress unlike the BJP where even decisions like demonetisations not only supported by alpha to omega of the party but celebrated too. Stark contrast between the BJP and Congress where the former certainly does what it says and it most certainly does what it doesn’t say. Senior journalists were not only furious about the Congress’ decision of boycotting journalists but they were expressing their ire as the party boycotted 80 per cent of prime-time discussion. So, the resource rich Congress president of Madhya Pradesh has the gumption of taking the decision what it right at the moment but at the cost of embarrassing the party.

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