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Interim budget without FM Arun Jaitley?

By IndianMandarins- 17 Jan 2019


Expenditure Secretary AN Jha's service was extended for a period of one month beginning 31 Jan 2019 to take care of the budget in the absence of FM Arun Jaitley who is, reportedly, US for health-treatment and may not be back at the time of the budget presentation.


It is pointed out that it wasn't sheer coincidence that Jha's extension and Jaitley's departure took place on the same day.

Further, it was expected that the NaMo administration may appoint Sushil Chandra (CBDT Chairman) as a Member of the CEC but that also seems to have been put on the backburner because of Jaitley's health condition. 


In recent years, Jaitley has emerged as a trouble-shooter for the Govt. Be it demonetization, CBI, GST, Rafael, RS debate, he functioned as the most credible defender of the Govt.

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