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IAS victim of IPS quarrels

By IndianMandarins- 18 Jan 2019


The Alok Verma/Rakesh Asthana episode is said to have impacted even the IAS fraternity. One such victim from the service was a joint secretary who, on the advice of a superior, referred the complaint of one of the episode actors to a government agency for verification and follow-up. For doing what may appear appropriate, the joint secretary concerned was laterally transferred out from a sensitive post to another ministry. After taking over the new assignment, the officer is gone on leave since mid of September last year as the officer feels let down by superiors. Though it is being made out that the officer belongs to a batch that is in line for the additional secretary empanelment and hence the transfer, this argument doesn't stand the scrutiny of circumstances. The victimized officer is said to have an excellent professional track record and hence the officer was posted as JS in the sensitive post in the first place.

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