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Hindutva at play in MP by both the players!

By IndianMandarins- 01 Nov 2023


Bhopal (01.11.2023): In Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections, State Congress president Kamal Nath is dealing Hindutva with Hindutva. Kamal Nath has come up with its own Hindutva when it pledged to start development of a "Shri Ram Van Gaman Path" and recommence the construction of a Sita temple in Sri Lanka. He vowed to erect a statue of Ram's companion, Nishad Kevatraj, in Chitrakoot. Congress' Kamal Nath sent his Vijayadashami wishes by citing a 'chaupai' from the Ramayan. "Ja par kripa Ram ki hoi, ta par kripa kare sab koi" - assuring the public that a Congress government would spare no effort in uplifting "aastha (faith)" and 'sanskriti (culture)," he said on X. Also, he paid a visit to a local Ram temple before filing the nomination.

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