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From advantage AAP to neck and neck with BJP but Congress may surprise

By IndianMandarins- 29 Jan 2020


The Congress is skirting the CAA issue in Delhi, AAP tells that it is in the support protesters and the BJP is vehemently opposed to protests especially at Shaheen Bagh. But what does it mean as Delhi Assembly elections are at very crucial stage?

A glance:

  1. The BJP very tactically shifted the entire narrative of bijli muft, paani muft (free water, free electricity) to CAA debate in Delhi.
  2. The party has also fanned AAP’s overconfidence by fielding weak candidates against Arvind Kejriwal and Manish Sisodia giving a message of conceding defeat while they are working hard in constituencies to cash in on anti-incumbency of AAP MLAs.
  3. Free DTC ride has disappointed auto driver as it is impacting their earning who were their hardcore supporters
  4. Certain section of the traditional voter of the Congress is now disenchanted with AAP is also coming back to the Congress.
  5. Despite the protest at Shaheen Bagh having some link with Amanatullah Khan of AAP Muslims are relying more on the Congress for their long-term benefits
  6. Reports are coming that Muslims voters will go full hog with the Congress the way they voted during Lok Sabha elections as their belief is constantly growing that only the Congress can take a decisive stand for them.
  7. Tentative approach of AAP is harming them as Many Congress leaders reached Shaheen Bagh but AAP leaders kept a distance from the protest
  8. AAP’s Muslim leaders are feeling cheated after some tickets were denied to Muslims
  9. AAP faced maximum protest in ticket distribution and except freebies AAP government does not have anything to offer to the people of Delhi.
  10. Strong Congress is a threat to AAP in the ongoing elections that the party failed to sense so far.
  11. The BJP is trying to increase just one to two percent beyond their fixed vote bank as they feel there is no wave as such for AAP

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