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Former Principal Secretary to Kejriwal takes political initiative

By IndianMandarins- 08 Sep 2018


1989 batch IAS officer and former Principal Secretary to chief minister Arwind Kejriwal, Rajendra Kumar has established a Trust – Forum for Democracy. This will be a non-political forum where curriculum will be available to train people to emerge as good leaders. So, this will be an institution to learn politics. This will encourage educated people to join politics. Leaders from different political parties will be invited to train the learners in politics. Rajendra Kumar’s colleagues and peers are wondering why the senior IAS officer is taking a move of this kind to train people in politics.


After his arrest by the CBI and subsequent release from judicial custody, Rajendra Kumar was seeking VRS that was denied by the MHA. He has not been reinstated in UT cadre. Since his arrest and suspension, the post of Principal Secretary to Delhi chief minister is lying vacant till date. Former VAT Commissioner Sajjan Singh Yadav was offered this position that he denied firmly and took over a new assignment in Daman.


 There were rumours of Rajendra Kumar’s elevation to Rajya Sabha on Aam Admi Party berth that could not fructify as he was denied VRS. Now, all the Rajya Sabha berths on AAP quota are already full. So Rajendra Kumar has taken the move to launch the Trust – Forum for Democracy. Gradually, Forum for Democracy will launch substantive curriculum in politics which is not available anywhere in the country. The Forum for Democracy could emerge as a parallel institution equivalent to Vivekanand Foundation. 

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