Extension of a Joint Secretary hangs in balance!

By IndianMandarins- 08 May 2024


New Delhi (08.05.2024): The Central Deputation tenure of one of the senior-most joint secretaries in the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas ended yesterday leaving his peers in the ministry clueless till late evening whether they should bid a farewell or not. It is heard that Kumar commands recognition of peers for his simplicity and the ministry also wanted retention.    
Reportedly, the second round of the proposal seeking extension for Sunil Kumar (IRAS: 1995) for another two years awaited ACC’s approval and thus the ministry did not issue his relieving order till late evening. 
As Joint Secretary (E&BR) Kumar looks after matters related to Upstream (Exploration & Production), Petrochemicals, Import / Export of crude oil and petroleum products, Ethanol Blending Program and other Biofuels, Green Hydrogen & CCUS, Renewable Energy and Conservation, etc.

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