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DOPT going slow, officers under dilemma: SFIO Director Bhatia completes tenure

By IndianMandarins- 27 Mar 2020


COVID-19 pandemic has severely hit day-to-day administration across departments and ministries forcing them to focus time, resources and attention in handling counter measures and future strategies and Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) too is not an exception.

There are several officers who are feeling the heat amid DOPT going slow in issuing regular orders pertaining to appointments, extension in tenures etc. Several officers who completed or approaching completion of central deputation tenure are clueless for want of official orders.

There are many officers awaiting either extension orders or relieving orders after completion of their tenure. For example, Amardeep Singh Bhatia (IAS:1993:NL), Director (JS level post), Serious Fraud Investigation Organization (SFIO) completed his tenure on Wednesday. Neither his term was extended nor did he get relieving order from the ministry.

While speaking to Indianmandarins few senior officials indicated that ACC orders and deputation rules clearly state that a person does not necessarily require relieving order. As per provisions officials stand relieved on the date of completion of tenure.     

It is pertinent to mentioned that on completion of tenure officers are relieved and given a ‘Term end leave’, usually for a two months period, to address personal needs arising in the transition period. During the period, they get salary from the same ministry though the period is adjusted from one’s own quota of leave. But with DoPT not issuing such orders have put such officers under dilemma. Though, in extraordinary situations such orders (relieving or term end leave) are sanctioned in retrospection as well.

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