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Dilemma of three senior IAS officers: Unending wait for posting

By IndianMandarins- 25 Feb 2019


Two senior IAS officers in Govt of India and one from UT Cadre have been waiting for really long for their next posting even their successors have been appointed.


Sanjay Kumar Singh (IAS:1987:MP) was on 14 January 2019 got his successor in Ansuli Arya (IAS:1989:BH) as Administrator (AS Level post), Universal Services Obligation Fund (USOF), but he is yet to be post for his next job. Similarly, Jaishree Mukherjee (IAS:1986:MH) was, on 21 December 2018 shifted from I&B Ministry following the appointment of Atul Kumar Tiwary (IAS:1990:KN) by downgrading the post from AS to JS.  The government had then announced that ‘Ms Mukherjee’s appointment to a new post is expected to be announced soon’ but the wait for her next turn has become an inordinate one.


Further, former Goa Chief Secretary Dharmendra Sharma (IAS:1988:UT) had proceeded on leave following the appointment of Parimal Rai (IAS:1985:UT) in mid- December last year as his successor. The MHA being the cadre controlling authority of UT cadre officers and Lt Governor as key to such placement his further posting too depends on NaMo administration.


Putting such senior officers under wait has been rare earlier. What is worrying officers is not only about career but where to draw their salary once relieved from previous department/ministry and waiting to join another.  

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