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Close contest between three Doctors: Who will be Manipur CS?

By IndianMandarins- 31 Jul 2020


For Manipur Chief Minister it appears a tough task to accomplish what he aspires for. The CM is reportedly keen to continue Dr J Suresh Babu (IAS:1988:MN) given the Centre gives its concurrence. CM and Babu are considered in sync which is well known to the establishments at Centre.

It was also heard, in crucial quarters at Centre, that the State Government has not sent any such proposal to the DOPT. Extension in service to Dr Suresh Babu is possible in case CM would have taken up the extension matters directly through the top authorities at Centre which is unlikely.

On the other hand, 1986 batch IAS officer Dr Suhel Akhtar cannot be ruled out for the top job. If some well-placed sources are to be believed the Governor is keen to see Suhel as CS despite the fact that he is retiring next month.

Further, Dr Rajesh Kumar (IAS:1988:MN) is another strong claimant among others for his competence with an advantage over others in terms of service tenure. Dr Rajesh has service term till June 2022.

Coincidentally, all three are professionally qualified MBBS. It would be interesting to see the outcome which may be announced by the evening today.

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