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Chahal repatriation: A controversy leads to many more controversies

By IndianMandarins- 31 Jan 2023


Chandigarh (31.01.2023): It is well said that a controversial decision leads to many more controversies. When Kuldeep Singh Chahal (IPS: 2009: PB) was repatriated to Punjab and replaced with Manisha Chaudhary (IPS: 2011: HY) as SSP Chandigarh on December 13, 2022, a section of officials took it as a controversy triggered by the UT administration. 
The inevitable objection came from Punjab CM Bhagwant Singh Mann but the rulebook was shown to him. Chandigarh Administrator Banwari Lal Purohit advised Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann a fact-check and timely communication with his own Chief Secretary VK Janjua before writing anything to anyone. Now, Chahal too hid behind the rule book to abstain from the Republic Day parade apparently to avoid saluting the UT administrator. But the set norm was certainly broken in this case as per observers.  As per the rule, the leave sanctioning authority cannot deny anyone a casual leave that came to the rescue of Chahal. Traditionally SSP of Chandigarh UT is an IPS from the Punjab cadre while DC is IAS from the Haryana cadre.


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