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CBIC's new roster twists assignments: Reading between lines

By Rakesh Ranjan- 04 Apr 2022


New Delhi (03.04.2022): The Department of Revenue's new roster for members of the Central Board of Indirect Taxes & Customs (CBIC) has caused a bit of surprise. 
The surprise is caused by the appointment of Sanjay Kumar Agarwal (IRS C&CE:1988) as the member in charge of compliance management as well as the supervising authority of DG of DRI and DG of GST Intelligence - two critical positions. Previously, DRI was under Balesh Kumar.
Earlier, even though Agarwal was appointed as a Member of CBIC, he was put on wait for an assignment. However, a month later on 31.03.2022, the govt allocated him critical portfolios.
Agarwal's new portfolios caused a change in the assignments of three members retiring within the next six months. 
DP Nagendra and Balesh Kumar and Sandeep Kumar will retire in July, August & October respectively. The remaining 4-6 months of their residual service would be consumed in familiarizing themselves with new subjects.
It is said that by appointing Agarwal as the boss of all revenue intelligence operations, the administration has shown its preference for an officer with the maximum residual service. This preference of the administration in favor of officers with the maximum residual service was earlier reflected in the appointment of  Rajeev Talwar as a member. A section of insiders says that Sungeeta Sharma retained her assignment of Administration & Vigilance. 
The new CBIC roster is as follows:
  • Vivek Johri (Chairman)- All Members
  • DP Nagendra Kumar- Member GST, Central Excise, Service Tax & Legal
  • Ms. Sungeeta Sharma- Member, Administration & Vigilance
  • Sandeep Kumar- Member, Tax Policy
  • Balesh Kumar- Member, IT, Taxpayer Services & Technology
  • Rajeev Talwar- Member, Customs
  • Sanjay Kumar Agarwal- Member, Compliance Management.

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