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CBDT: Has appointment rules for Board level positions changed?

By IndianMandarins- 08 Nov 2019


If some top sources are to be believed, the appointment rules for board level positions in the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has been rehashed making a big departure from the earlier position.

Contrary to the existing rule, the Board-level posts may not be advertised now. Under the new provisions the Department of Revenue will suo motto pick up five officers from the list officers empanelled to hold Apex level posts (26 Apex posts under CBDT). The shortlisted candidates will be interviewed for the post of Member, CBDT. Following the interview, service records and experience, names will be selected and will be sent to the ACC for clearance.

Under the new provisions posts of member will not be advertised and hence officers would not come to know about the vacancy of the post. Reportedly, as per the new rule names will straight away be picked by the Department of Revenue in consultation with Chairman CBDT for interview.

As per the existing rules, any candidate eligible to hold HAG Plus post used to apply for the Board-level posts. But as per rehashed rules only Principal Chief Commissioner (PCCIT) rank officers would be considered and shortlisted for interview. Those in the know of the affairs say that many PCCIT rank officers prefer to serve in the field as the chief of regions rather becoming part of the Board. Probably, this is also a reason selection process /rules were rehashed.

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