Beijing's Gazis high on Pakistani concoctions

By Mukul Shukla- 09 Sep 2020


Beijing's contemptuous media is competing with HQ Rawalpindi's media Gazis to pour scorn on India and its armed forces. 

According to some Mandarin language experts, the Chinese Communist Party's media and digital chat sites have been projecting the Indian Armed Forces as 'evil' following the PLA losing the tactical and strategic features south of Pangong lake.

The problem of the CCP is that after India's boys and girls swiftly - reportedly in less than the two hours given to them to finish the job - captured the heights that put them at a gun-shot distance of the PLA garrison at Moldo, India's opposition parties were stunned and paralyzed.

The PLA had no counter but to go on psy-ops like we have this and that weapon, that we are economically superior to you, and that you are stupid to dare our might. Apart from massing up troops at Pangong lake, they have also gone for large scale live drill in the hope of...God knows what.

Yet, everyone, from Tokyo to Berlin and Paris, from Colombo to Moscow, and from Ho Chi Minh City to Washington, is laughing. But Pakistanis are the ones having the best laugh: having trapped Beijing in fighting their wars with India, and on top, paying the Islamabad billions of dollars that are finding their way to the coffers of Generals like billions of US tax dollars paid to Pakistan army over the past 70 years.

(By Mukul Shukla)

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