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Additional Secretary empanelment: 32 IAS officers on list

By IndianMandarins- 09 Oct 2019


The NaMo administration on Thursday announced the empanelment of 32 IAS officers belonging to Indian Administrative Service (IAS) to hold Additional Secretary rank post in Govt of India. They are;

Additional Secretary/ Additional Secretary Equivalent

  1. Renu Gonela Pillay (IAS:1991:CG)
  2. Abhilaksh Likhi (IAS:1991:HY)
  3. Anil Malik (IAS:1991:HY)
  4. Shailesh Kumar Singh (IAS:1991:JH)
  5. Rachna Shah (IAS:1991:KL)
  6. B Srinivas (IAS:1991:KL)
  7. L K Atheeq (IAS:1991:KN)
  8. Nilaya Mitash (IAS:1991:KN)
  9. V Vidyavathi (IAS:1991:KN)
  10. Vandana Gurnani (IAS:1991:KN)
  11. Manoj Govil (IAS:1991:MP)
  12. Jan E Alam (IAS:1991:NL)
  13. Saurabh Garg (IAS:1991:OR)
  14. Arvind Kumar (IAS:1991:TG)
  15. G Asok Kumar (IAS:1991:TG)
  16. N Muruganandam (IAS:1991:TN)
  17. S Gopalakrishnan  (IAS:1991:TN)
  18. Supriya Sahu (IAS:1991:TN)
  19. Nivedita Shukla Verma  (IAS:1991:UP)
  20. Kamran Rizvi  (IAS:1991:UP)
  21. Amit Yadav (IAS:1991:UT)
  22. Debashri Mukherjee (IAS:1991:UT)
  23. Manish Kumar Gupta (IAS:1991:UT)
  24. Krishna Gupta (IAS:1991:WB)
  25. Manoj Pant (IAS:1991:WB)

Additional Secretary Equivalent

  1. Ashish Upadhyay (IAS:1991:MP)
  2. Pramod Kumar Tiwari (IAS:1991:AM)
  3. Vijayendra (IAS:1991:AM)
  4. Rajit Punhani (IAS:1991:BH)
  5. V. Thiruppugazh (IAS:1991:GJ)
  6. Anu Garg (IAS:1991:OR)
  7. Satya Brata Sahu (IAS:1991:OR)

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