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Adani Green Energy Gallery at London Science Museum: Carving out a curve against climate change

By IndianMandarins- 19 Oct 2021


New Delhi (19.10.2021): The Science Museum in London announced a new gallery, with Adani Green Energy Limited as title funder, examining how the world can undergo the fastest energy transition in history to curb climate change.

The announcement was made as delegates arrived for a Global Investment Summit hosted at the museum by Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The gallery will draw on the Science Museum Group Collection and loans, deploying a range of interactive and digital storytelling techniques to reveal the latest science as well as exploring energy revolutions of the past and future. Energy Revolution is supported by Adani Green Energy, the leading solar power developer that aims to be the world’s largest renewable power generating company by 2030, as Title Funder. Dame Mary said: ‘We’re hugely grateful to Adani Green Energy for the significant financial support they are providing for this gallery.’

’We are delighted to support the Energy Revolution gallery, which will explore how society can power the future through low carbon technologies,’ said Mr Gautam Adani, Chairman of Adani Green Energy. ’The Renewable Energy revolution to get to this point has been remarkable. The limitless power of the wind and sun is awe-inspiring and our ability to harness that power is finally within reach. There is so much to learn from the history of this journey as the world writes a cleaner future and who better than the Science Museum team to depict this inspiration.’

Energy Revolution: The Adani Green Energy Gallery is being developed around four thematic sections, each providing a different lens on this century’s defining challenge:

Alternative Futures uses examples from history to scrutinize the moments when people have imagined different kinds of energy futures – often at times of crisis – and the story of the energy shifts that have shaped our world. Past visions of the future remind us that our current energy system was not inevitable – and that many futures were possible. 

Future Planet considers present-day projections of the future, looking at how climate scientists use complex climate models to understand Earth’s systems, and what these tell us about the scale and nature of future climate impacts.

Future Energy and Power focuses on the technologies with the potential to support a global shift to a low carbon future and explores how trajectories of change are influenced by local geographical, social, and political factors.

In Future Living, we look at how everyone’s lives are entangled with energy systems that determine how we live, work, and get around. This section explores people’s ability to influence our energy future and the prospect of a ”just energy transition” that allows better living standards in developing nations.

The new gallery will replace Atmosphere, which has welcomed more than six million visitors since it opened a decade ago.

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