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A new world order post-COVID-19?

By Rakesh Ranjan- 14 Apr 2020


Outbreak of Novel Coronavirus has turned the world order topsy turvy at least a section feels so at the moment. The so-called globalization has found itself in a tizzy and the global community needs an introspection over its chances of surviving. It is most likely that in the post-COVID-19, the world order would not only redefine itself but a new international equation would also emerge.

Signs have already started emerging from the US itself which had always played a leading role in the WHO and the UN. Republicans in the US Congress have accused WHO Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus siding with China by helping the Asian giant in downplaying the Pandemic to the extent that lead to the worldwide spread of COVID-19. It is accused that despite the US being the biggest fund provider of the WHO, China succeeded to capture the mind of it. To understand WHO’s efforts in battling Covid-19 and its relationship with China, the committee has now asked for some documents by April 16, 2020 which include all documents and communications related to Covid-19 and public health between China and the WHO from August 2019 till present day. 

Not only the US but many other countries too are not in terms with the role played by China to contain COVID-19 as the matter was taken up in the UN by The Dominion Republic the moment China’s tenure as UNSC president ended.

Japanese Deputy PM Taro Aso had also accused the global health watchdog of toeing the China line on the coronavirus pandemic. He said WHO should be renamed as the “Chinese Health Organization”.

China is increasingly being attacked for misinforming, misleading and underreporting the nature and extent of Covid-19Pandemic and deaths caused by this deadly that has gone past a lakh people and infecting around 2 million. Republicans further accused that China stifled the voice of medical experts and the press trying to speak the truth about Covid-19 in the country.

Until now resources, economic-growth, armaments, arms-race etc played a key role in the world order and power equation but post COVID-19 reliability, trustworthiness may gather importance and become fundamentals of world order. Arms race, bi-lateral and multi-lateral trade relations, etc would lose weightage, though marginally, also because countries' defense capabilities failed to protect lives and global trade-ties failed to save economic interests.

(By Rakesh Ranjan)

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