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Why did Ashutosh quit AAP?

By IndianMandarins- 21 Aug 2018


AAP leader Ashutosh had a dream to become a parliamentarian. He never knew that chief minister Arwind Kejriwal will squeeze his talent to argue effectively on news channels for over four years, and later, he will be shown the door. Sources said he will never return to the party’s fold.  But the question still haunts power corridors as why did Ashutosh quit. Just take a look at three reasons why Ashutosh announced his resignation last week.

Kejriwal assigned Ashutosh Chandni Chowk parliamentary seat to contest the Lok Sabha polls in 2014 but he lost it badly. Reportedly, in 2019, this seat may be given to Pankaj Gupta. Even if Ashutosh was given ticket on this seat, Congress candidate will severely dent the vote of AAP. Thus, there is no chance of becoming a Lok Sabha MP from this seat. Precisely, this LS seat is extremely vulnerable for Ashutosh and Pankaj Gupta both. Contesting this seat would mean loss of energy, face value and resources. So, he took a step to escape unblemished from Kejriwal’s fold.  

After continuing his spirited fight on all news channels almost every day to defend Kejriwal, Ashutosh was expecting a Rajya Sabha berth for which he considered himself the strongest claimant. But Kejriwal shattered his dream denying him RS berth.

Hence, he had no role left in the party’s framework to nourish his political ambition.

AAP leadership led by Kejriwal tried hard for the past four months to have a seat-sharing arrangement with the Congress in Delhi but all it failed miserably. Congress is gradually gaining ground and it is in a position to derail AAP and decimate it substantially in the Capital. This will reduce the political prospect of Kejriwal. Before AAP becomes smaller political force compared to existing strength of 67 Assembly seats, it was politically correct for Ashutosh to part ways with old friend Arwind Kejriwal.    

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