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Why are Adityanath and Akhilesh soft on each other?

By IndianMandarins- 05 Oct 2021


New Delhi (05.10.2021): Political observers have noticed a sort of cordiality between current UP CM Adityanath and former CM Akhilesh Yadav. Apart from politeness and mutual respect, it is pointed out that Akhilesh's wife, Dimple Rawat Yadav, belongs originally to Uttarkhand from her parent's side; and Adityanath also belongs to the same hill state. Besides, both of them, Dimple and Adityanath, belong to the same Rajput community.
This may possibly explain why in the most tragic Lakhimpur case, Akhilesh has demanded resignations of the Union minister of state for Home and deputy chief minister of the state and not the CM of the state. It's another matter that Akhilesh's sparing of the CM might have undercut the position of the latter in the party, whose large sections have reportedly come to see him as a political liability. 

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