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Three batch-mates become Member CBDT

By IndianMandarins- 06 Nov 2018


The NaMo administration extends Diwali gift to three batch­mates belonging to 1982 batch of IRS cadre. Accordingly, Ms Neena Kumar, Akhilesh Ranjan and Prasana Kumar Das were appointed Member, Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT).


The present composition of the Board is as follows:

  • Chairman CBDT- Sushil Chandra
  • Member, Administration- P C Modi
  • Member, Income Tax & Computerisation)- Aditya Vikram
  • Member, Investigation- Vacant (Addl charge with Sushil Chandra)
  • Member, Legislation- Vacant
  • Member, Audit & Judicial- Vacant (Addl charge with Aditya Bikram)
  • Member, Revenue & Tax Payers Services- Vacant (Additional charge with PC Modi)


Following the appointments Ms Neena Kumar, P K Das and Akhilesh Ranjan are expected to take charge of their respective assignments early next week. The Board appears to have gained strength but a Member post would still remain vacant. 

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