Swamy’s lethal attacks: Seasoned leader knows it all very well

By IndianMandarins- 21 Mar 2023


New Delhi (21.03.2023): Former BJP MP Subramanian Swamy knows it all very well how to remain relevant and counted. This has always been his style of politics and his recent tweets and interactions with media further endorse this. He questioned the economic policy of the Modi government, raised alarm about corrupt officials in RBI, questioned the China policy and toned down views on Muslims and the recent being the media management of the government on the fiasco of PM being chosen for Nobel Peace Prize so on and so forth. From joining hands with J Jayalalithaa and Sonia Gandhi to topple Vajpayee government to hit both and finally merging his party with the BJP, he changed many colours. With attaining 75 years of age, neither is he going to get anything in the government nor in the organization but may keep him relevant. Intimidation tactics might have yielded him something in the past but will the same happen with the present dispensation? There is a serious doubt. Seasoned politicians like Swamy can dare and have the chances of being heard for his attacks being lethal unlike others who have the peril of hitting deaf ears.

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