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Siddipet collector Reddy's Father's Day 'achievement'

By IndianMandarins- 22 Jun 2021


New Delhi (22.06.2021): It's good to have a Godfather, but it's better to be independent and be a Karmayogi if you are an IAS officer. Since the latter involves a cost - often quite heavy, many IAS officers through the ages have worked hard to get a political Godfather. The latest case is of Telangana Siddipet collector IAS officer Venkatrami Reddy (IAS:2007:TL). Recently, he became the butt of ridicule when a photograph of him touching the feet of state Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao at an official function went viral. His explanation was something that set the heads reeling of many officers. Reddy said since it was father's day, he touched Rao's feet because he is like his father. Since one doesn't know how Reddy treats his old real father, one may wish to end the subject here, irrespective of what the opposition including the BJP has stated about it.

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