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SC ruling a lifeline for sinking Kejriwal; announces major bureaucratic reshuffle soon

By IndianMandarins- 11 May 2023


New Delhi (11.05.2023): The Supreme Court judgment on defining power of the Centre and the NCT government has given a new lease of life to Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal who claimed immediately after the verdict that he was without any power for eight years. Now things will be placed in order with a major reshuffle of bureaucrats. In an aspirational society like India with demographic dividend in hand such situations work to trick and influence voters and the Delhi CM is well equipped to cash in on it. So he immediately announces to punish and reward officers considering their performance.
However, the Delhi CM and his party used to claim that nothing can be done without them being in power in the MCD. People voted him in MCD. So he now has the accountability for MCD and all powers for setting up bureaucratic constellations. But the most important thing is that Kejriwal is not a clean slate as there are many questions raised from him that need his answers especially on corruption with two of its important leaders in jail. It is his moment of glory but will he be able to duck many questions being posed to him.

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