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RSS chalks out a people-contact plan to make Janata Curfew a success

By IndianMandarins- 21 Mar 2020


Generally, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) is in sync with PM Narendra Modi’s decisions.  Significantly, on the issue of COVID-19, it has proactively chalked out a day-plan to make Janata Curfew a success. In a  rare move, daily shakhas of both morning and evening have been cancelled which witness maximum attendance on any given Sunday. RSS cadres are reaching out to people with different means to ensure the observance of Janata Curfew. 

It is learnt that they have got this instruction from the top that the self-imposed home stay by the people should be implemented on the ground and every possible help should be provided to people are large. No assistance even from the domestic workers is to be taken and no salary cut imposed for this period. The RSS has asked people to end the day with deep visarjan (immersion of earthen lamps)at 10 PM. The swayamsevaks are contacting people and asking them to show solidarity with one another by serving those infected with Coronavirus. They have asked the people to spend their time in cleaning their houses during the day besides doing other activities.

Sources said that this will help make Janata Curfew successful by raising awareness about it. The RSS and ABVP workers are already involved to deal with this mass-awareness exercise.

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