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PMO: Top level changes offer a lot to read between lines

By IndianMandarins- 31 Aug 2019


Nripendra Mishra’s offer to quit as PS to PM and subsequent appointment of P K Sinha (Retd IAS:1977:UP) as OSD in PMO offers a lot to read between the lines.


The first and the foremost thing expected ahead would be the announcement of Dr P K Mishra’s elevation as Principal Secretary to the PM. P K Sinha may be announced by the first week of September as Additional Private Secretary to the PM.


Earlier, Senior Mishra (Nripendra Mishra) played a wide role in PMO and handand the centre-state issues and project coordination whereas junior Mishra was considered the sole authority on personnel matters.


In the new scenario senior P K (Dr PK Misra) may continue with personnel issues whereas junior P K (P K Sinha) will be in the role of senior Mishra. It is apprehended that P K Sinha may be given the status of MoS and not the cabinet rank. Sinha as Cabinet Secretary P K Sinha already holds MoS rank.  


Power corridors are abuzz that Nripendra Mishra may be either made Lieutenant Governor of Delhi or Governor of any state.


Critics of Modi take this development as ouster of Nripendra Mishra but they fail to understand that Modi continued reposing his faith on him throughout his first term and even during the initial months on Modi 2.0.


One shouldn’t forget that the PM had set the age limit (75 yrs) for such high offices which Nripendra Mishra has already completed. Apparently Nripendra Mishra has a great grasp over public policy and administration but the same could also be attributed to P K Sinha who has been spearheading PM’s several pupulistic socio-economic programs during his tenure as Cabinet Secretary.


Further, having set the target of $5 trillion economy, the PM needs to infuse new and fresh approach in the top management. Probably the emerging scenario would have prompted PM for few changes at the top.


In the power corridors, it was often discussed that by February 2020 Rajiv Kumar (IAS:1984:JH) would be assigned personnel matters which at present is with Dr P K Mishra in the PMO but it appears to have been ruled out for now at least.


Indianmandarins often underlines that element of surprise and unpredictability have been the hallmark of NaMo administration. Modi’s critic will fail again to speculate the next assignment for Nripendra Mishra.

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