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Not just a civil servant

By IndianMandarins- 07 Mar 2019


Indian Forest Service officer Sanjiv Chaturvedi may seem to possess all the qualities of a good civil servant enumerated by former GoI secretary Anil Swarup in his book 'Not just a civil Servant': courage, sacrifice, and endurance. That must be the reason for his rejection by so-called people's representatives of both the Congress and BJP types.


Consider his dealing as the Sole Arbitrator in a dispute between Asphalt Carpet Construction Company and Chandigarh Housing Board. When it came to the arbitration fee and expenses, he refused to accept remuneration and proposed to the parties concerned to contribute a convenient amount for the welfare of CRPF martyr’s family in the accounts of Ministry of Home Affairs opened for this specific purpose.


As per the amended Arbitration and Conciliation Act 2015, the Arbitration Fee could be Rs 2.20 lac and along with administrative expenses, his total remuneration was Rs 2.50 lac. However, in the orders passed in February this year, he declared his entire remuneration as Rs NIL and asked both the parties to deposit the amount into an MHA fund opened for the welfare of families of CRPF personnel killed in the Pulwama terror attack.


It is an irony that the officer had donated (which the PMO refused to accept) his award money (Raman Magsaysay) Rs 14 Lacs to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund after the AIIMS refused to accept his donation of the award money to the AIIMS for free treatment of underprivileged patients, a fact again mentioned in detail in a recent Supreme Court judgement of February this year. Interestingly, while serving at the Centre, his ministry gave him 01 rating/marking as APAR, and yet he refused to kowtow.

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