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Moment of introspection: A peculiar case of COVID 19

By IndianMandarins- 23 Mar 2020


The story of a young teenage boy of Kolkata has grabbed the headlines. He was tested positive for the COVID-19 and advised twice to immediately get admitted to the hospital but he and his family refused to follow the advice of the doctor.  Although the media did not highlight the name of the family and pictures, his mother is a civil servant and father is a doctor but surprisingly both of them failed to bear their responsibilities as citizens to protect themselves against coronavirus, and thereby, keep their society and the nation safe. This shows that power and privilege can be used to cover up even the most serious offences like hiding the presence of dreaded Covid-19 infection. At a time when the government officials at large has a great responsibility to prevent further spread of coronavirus in India, this incident calls for a lot of introspection on the part of responsible citizens like bureaucrats and doctors who need to rise above being blind, doting parents.

By: Neha Sharma

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