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Maharashtra a tough call indeed for 10 Janpath

By IndianMandarins- 19 Nov 2019


As talks on government formation in Maharashtra with Shiv Sena joining hands with the NCP still rife, the Congress finds itself in a big dilemma. Of late, frequent meetings of Maharashtra ‘Kshatrap’ Sharad Pawar with interim president of Congress Sonia Gandhi have been indicative of a possible coalition government of Shiv Sena, NCP and the Congress.

If it is realised, it would be an ideological summersault of the Congress by joining a saffron outfit with regionalism at its core. For a party that claims to be the torchbearer of secularism, it won’t be an easy task to do business with and defend ideological moorings as everyone knows what agenda the Shiv Sena carries and what ideology it adheres to. In its quest of forming a non-BJP government in Maharashtra, the Congress might end up losing its ideological base which the party has established over the years.

The Congress must not forget authoritarian style of governance of the Shiv Sena, its despise for North Indians going to the extent of violence, contempt for constitutional values and highhandedness approach have time and again created chaos. So, it will be a tough call for Sonia Gandhi to take a decision.

(By Md Bilal)

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