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LS Polls 2024: Battle of ballots turns into battle of nerves

By IndianMandarins- 27 May 2024


New Delhi (27.05.2024): It will be wrong to draw simple meaning of the statement of political leaders, they always have some messaging too in their utterances. This is true for every leader but the context here is two recent statements of Prime Minister Narendra Modi when he says that the Opposition should be such that it forces the ruling dispensation to walk on sword’s edge while he also talked about consensus with Opposition in running the country.
These words have different interpretations for the ruling dispensation and the Opposition. Indianmandarins tried to figure out:

What meaning does it have for the Opposition?

  • This is another tactics of the PM to put the Opposition in doc by saying that the Opposition failed to put ruling dispensation on the mat instead of counting its achievements.
  • It also means the government is not going to get as much seats as it is projecting.
  • The overconfidence of crossing 400+ mark is diminished and embarrassed PM is talking despicable in desperation.
  • Effective opposition has made the PM desperate forcing him to talk about consensus.
  • The Opposition will break the brute majority run as the ruling party has started taking people for granted.
  • The ruling dispensation silently backtracked on its plan to change constitution under Opposition’s pressure.
  • It is not going to get brute majority this time round as there is churning all across.

What does it mean for the ruling dispensation?

  • When PM says that Opposition should force the government to walk on Sword’s edge, it means that the inefficient Opposition has given free run to the government.
  • It also means that despite all efforts to stop Narendra Modi, he is coming back to power yet again for the third consecutive terms.
  • It clearly defuses the narrative that there is any threat to the constitution as propagated by the Opposition.
  • The Opposition is not effective enough to keep the government on toes which is giving the ruling party an edge over them.
  • The consensus message means that the allegation of PM being autocratic is out of place or taking imaginary allegations against the PM too far.
  • Supriya Srinate wants to force the PM to walk on Sword’s edge means the Opposition has already conceded defeat.

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