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IRS officer commits suicide for the fear of infecting family with Corona

By IndianMandarins- 15 Jun 2020


There are many who fail to bear the stress of life and after Shushant Singh Rajput a 56-year-old IRS officer allegedly killed himself by drinking an “acid-like substance” in his car in Delhi’s Dwarka area on June 14. 

A suicide note recovered from his car mentioned that he feared that he might “spread Covid-19” to his family and does not want them to suffer because of him. He had got himself tested for Covid-19 a week ago and the report came out negative but he was scared that his family might get infected of the deadly virus because of him.

Initial investigation suggested that he drank “an acid-like substance” sitting inside his car and also left a suicide note in which he mentioned that he was killing himself “as he feared that he might spread coronavirus.”

He seemed very upset with the situation around and feared his family might get infected with the deadly virus too. The case is under investigation and police will talk to other family members regarding it.

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