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Imposter caught misusing PMO’s name but phenomenon not rare

By IndianMandarins- 17 Mar 2023


New Delhi (17.03.2023): An imposter cheated officials in Jammu and Kashmir to enjoy the Government protocol by claiming to be Additional Director in the PMO. The dumbstruck and overwhelmed officials eager to serve PMO did not bother to check his credentials that are just a click away.
Question is who, where and why at such fault? Highly placed sources say that there are several such examples of the misuse of the name of PMO apparently for the two obvious reasons besides other firstly inaccessibility to the PMO and secondly who will bell the cat i.e. fear of backlash prevents people from reporting such issues. Even if something is reported, the buck is passed on to others and it never stops. It stops when the matter becomes a threat to so-called a security issue. A serious thought on the issue was indeed needed!

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