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Fundraising: No more a specialized job or guarantor of personal clout

By IndianMandarins- 18 Mar 2020


Fundraising has always been crucially important for any political outfit. The very expertise has led many leaders to bask in the glory of special status within one’s own party as well as rise in influence in political echelons in general. The manoeuvrability for raising funds and using it for benefitting for personal gains is prevalent across party lines. This uncanny ability has helped many leaders to further grow one’s own fortunes.

Expertise in making tactful proximity with corporate houses is key in mobilising funds for political parties.  Names of late Pramod Mahajan in the BJP and Sitaram Kesri in the Congress crop up unfailingly as they have been adroit fund-raisers for their respective parties. However, the present-day BJP is getting funds from multiple sources so the dependency on any particular leader has disappeared. Once Congress and few select regional parties had few such stalwarts as fundraiser’s but now BJP appears to have surpassed them all. Several leaders have been arranging funds to run the BJP’s organizational activities that were once supported personally. Gone are days when Rajmata Scindia and alike used to fund and feed the party broadly out of their personal resources.

The present-day leadership of the BJP has evolved. Now It is capable of arranging enough funds. None of the leaders in the party is singularly in a position to register his/her importance on this count. Be it BJP or Congress or any other parties certain leaders who have been keeping their heads high for their fund-raising ability would loose their utility in the time to come.  This includes even a high-ranking Cabinet minister. Top leadership of political parties, including BJP leadership, have gradually started feeling that using fund-raising ability for personal benefits may not be acceptable as it makes the party depended on few select leaders with no mass-base and also harms the image of the party in the long run.

By: Rakesh Ranjan and Neha sharma

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