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Era of 360: Who knows who might be drafting your fate

By IndianMandarins- 03 Jul 2019


As it goes round the year over 65 senior IAS officers are there in LBSNAA (Mussoorie) pursuing Phase-V training. During lectures and interactions with the higher authorities most of them are curious about the intricacies of newly inducted 360 method. But sitting right here in Delhi many senior civil servants too often take it as an opportunity to discuss about 360 among their peers. 

It is heard that serving civil servants often joke these days that the era of 360-degree screening for empanelment and appointment have made more courteous and obliging towards retired civil servants. With the empanelment process going on around the year, officers across services and batches are cautious to ensure that they don't earn the ire of their seniors and predecessors who may be asked to give their feedback about the competence and credentials of officers - which has weight in their empanelment, promotion and posting.   


Often, they are heard saying “Keep them happy and contented. Who knows who might be drafting your fate”.  

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