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Empanelment for Principal Chief Commissioner (IT) post cleared

By IndianMandarins- 10 Mar 2019


The ACC has cleared the empanelment of IRS (Income Tax) officers for promotion to the grade of Principal Chief Commissioner of Income Tax for the panel year 2018 (Supplementary Panel) and 2019 (Regular Panel).


The Supplementary Panel (Yr 2018) includes Binod Kumar (IRS IT:1983), T P Krishna Kumar (IRS IT:1983), Pranab Kumar Das (IRS IT:1984), B Murali Kumar Das (IRS IT:1983), N Sankaran (IRS IT:1984), Santosh Kumar Singh (IRS IT:1985), Pramod Kumar Gupta (IRS IT:1984), and Narendra Prasad Sinha (IRS IT:1984).


The Extended Panel (Yr 2018) includes Rajni Kant Gupta (IRS IT:1984), Sanjay Kumar Mishra (IRS IT:1984), Virender Kumar Saksena (IRS IT:1984), Vinod Kumar Pandey (IRS IT:1984), and Shambhu Datta Jha (IRS IT:1984).


Ten IRS IT officers are empaneled to become Principal Chief Commissioner (Income Tax) (Yr 2019) of which eight were in Regular Panel and two in the Extended Panel.


The Regular Panel (Yr 2019) includes Satish Kumar Gupta (IRS IT:1984), Kishore Kumar Vyawahare (IRS IT:1984), Krishan Mohan Prasad (IRS IT:1984), Praveen Kumar (IRS IT:1985), Ajay Kumar Chauhan (IRS IT:1984), Sunali Arora (IRS IT:1984), Anuradha Bhatia (IRS IT:1984), and Usha S Nair (IRS IT:1984).


The Extended Panel (Yr 2019) includes Ajai Das Mehrotra (IRS IT:1984) and Rajiv Jain (IRS IT:1984).


It may be mentioned that the Extended Panel (Yr 2018) will be operational in the event officer(s) included in the regular-panel/extended-panel are not becoming available for promotion due to retirement/being away on deputation during the vacancy year 2018.

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