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Disappointing news for IPS officers: Centre set to cut posts under CDR

By IndianMandarins- 09 Dec 2019


If some well-placed sources are to be believed the news appears discouraging for IPS officers. Reportedly, the NaMo administration is set to reduce the sanctioned posts for IPS officers under the Central Deputation Reserve.  

The sanctioned posts for IPS officers under Central Deputation Reserve (CDR) is 1075 but presently only 428 IPS officers are working in the Govt of India under Central Deputation i.e. 39.81 per cent of CDR posts.

The Union Home Ministry analysed the data and made observations that most of the State Governments have been exhibiting less appetite for sparing their IPS officers to serve on Central Deputation which is otherwise beneficial for State Govts vis-à-vis IPS officers.

Since the large number of posts under CDR remain unutilised the NaMo administration is is undertaking an exercise to reduce the existing CDR quota from 40 percent of Senior Duty Posts i.e. 1075 posts to about 500 posts.  

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